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Economic Analysis

What is it?

Linking the past, present and future quantification of demographic, labour force and industry economic activity to labour, infrastructure and investment risk factors to gain a better understanding of the gaps and optimal macro factors for policy decisions. Our analysis is designed to influence key decision makers at the Government and regulatory levels, to assist with corporate strategic planning and to contribute to improved business bottom-line performance.

Who is it for?

Organizations that:

  • are not content with the “status quo” and want to pursue evidence-based changes to the way that things are currently being done using population economic activity analyses and measures
  • seek optimal solutions to situations of competing resources and agendas
  • influence the economic policy debate, participate in regulatory, taxation and policy developments

How is it done?

A proven method of connecting stakeholders and experts with data and mathematical modeling. At the heart of this four pillar approach is an agent-based, event-driven mathematical platform that encompasses a wide range of demographic and economic activity.

What are the benefits?

The process transforms data and the knowledge of experts and its clients into objective, quantitative, real world value propositions. The result is the generation of ownership of the analysis through the collaboration of different skill sets that provides the ability to:

  • Rank the relative value of knowledge
  • Unify stakeholders, experts and key opinion leaders through the language of population and economic based outcomes
  • Create connections (awareness, dialogue, action) between the different perspectives of the economic activity problem through objective value propositions
  • Build the confidence to make a decision

Types of Analyses and Services

  • Pharmacoeconomics, including pricing studies and reviews, regulatory submissions
  • Disease cost burden analyses, epidemiological and risk factor analyses
  • Cost benefit analyses, cost effectiveness analyses, cost utility analyses, return on investment analyses
  • Health workforce demand and supply modeling and projections
  • Economic contribution studies
  • Economic impact studies and project evaluation
  • Infrastructure, capacity and inter-generational modeling
  • Predictive modeling with scenario and sensitivity analyses
  • Manipulation and analysis of large, complex data sets
  • Cost of capital assessments for new infrastructure investments
  • Community and stakeholder engagement
  • Presentations, speeches and facilitation