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Cancer tidal wave looms over country: "Spectacular success" in treating some cancers overshadowed by rising number of cases

Canada is lurching toward a crisis in cancer control and there is a "real and present danger" the country's health-care system will not be able to afford treatment for the tidal wave of patients who will get the disease in the decades ahead, says a major new report. The warning is contained in a blueprint for action on a national cancer strategy prepared by the country's cancer experts. (...)

Seeking to cure a crisis

With an ageing Baby Boom generation set to test the medical system like never before, a multi-part series analyzes the state of cancer in Canada. In Part 1, we examine the calls for a national strategy to combat the disease that will become the country's number-one killer.(...)

Government put $300 million into healthy living and chronic disease

CanWest Global Transcripts
Wed 19 Oct 2005
Time: 18:30:00 ET
Network: GLOBAL

"Now a "Global National" exclusive. The federal government is about to announce it's pumping a significant amount of money into prevention and treatment of chronic diseases, including cancer. The announcement tomorrow comes after six years of talking and negotiating. Hannah Boudreau has the details for you tonight."

RiskAnalytica at the 1st International Cancer Control Congress held in Vancouver

Paul Smetanin and Paul Kobak at the 1st International Cancer Control Congress held October 23-26, 2005 in Vancouver, Canada.

Technology-lofty ambitions for measuring global risk

Paul Smetanin expresses the ups and down sides of Algorithmics' intellectual approach to risk management.