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Our immediate interests and capabilities include:

Population Health Analysis

  • Over 40 diseases and injuries and constantly expanding
  • Incidence, prevalence, mortality, risk factors, comorbidities
  • Forecasts from 1 year out to 30 years
  • Analysis of value propositions of health care interventions

Population Health Data Sets

  • Large database of disease forecasts available for your analysis
  • Constantly updated with the most recent data
  • National, provincial, and regional forecasts from 1 year out to the next 30 years

Predictive Analytics

  • A scientific team that objectively develops and implements predictive algorithms for decision support
  • Powerful predictive analytics development hub that supports proactive and predictive enterprises in real time
  • Customer relationship management; Social media analysis; Optimization of asset management; Financial market analysis

Economic Analysis

  • Short and long term outlooks for labour force, infrastructure investment
  • Productivity impacts
  • Health workforce demand/supply
  • Forecasts of economic cases for change
  • Multi-sector macroeconomic models of Canada's provincial economies