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Analysis for Decision Making, Growth and Sustainability

RiskAnalytica is a group of scientists that are dedicated to solving quantitative problems and supporting decision analysis in business, health care, markets and macroeconomic endeavours. Since 2001 we have earned a reputation for independence, integrity, and system insights that has made our brand of mathematical and systems analysis a leader in high-end, scientifically sound, quantitative decision support in Canada.

We have yet to encounter an analysis problem that has been too complex for the intellectual stimulation of our team. We welcome open, no-obligation discussions of your analysis challenges and possible solutions. Contact a representative.

Our immediate interests and capabilities include:

Population Health Analysis

  • Over 40 diseases and injuries and constantly expanding
  • Incidence, prevalence, mortality, risk factors, comorbidities
  • Forecasts from 1 year out to 30 years
  • Analysis of value propositions of health care interventions

Population Health Data Sets

  • Large database of disease forecasts available for your analysis
  • Constantly updated with the most recent data
  • National, provincial, and regional forecasts from 1 year out to the next 30 years

Predictive Analytics

  • A scientific team that objectively develops and implements predictive algorithms for decision support
  • Powerful predictive analytics development hub that supports proactive and predictive enterprises in real time
  • Customer relationship management; Social media analysis; Optimization of asset management; Financial market analysis

Economic Analysis

  • Short and long term outlooks for labour force, infrastructure investment
  • Productivity impacts
  • Health workforce demand/supply
  • Forecasts of economic cases for change
  • Multi-sector macroeconomic models of Canada's provincial economies